Loncel Technologies (2014) Limited is a New Zealand company based in Auckland  and is one of the very early suppliers of Internet of Things (IOT) services.

For over 15 years Loncel has sought to provide its clients with state-of-the-art remote monitoring systems with the aim of:

  • Providing real time and historical information.
  • Improving operational efficiencies.
  • Reducing cost and duplication.

The company designs in-house all of its monitoring hardware and software to deliver data for the Internet of Things (IoT). Most field units link back to the secure 24/7 cloud service through a cellular or satellite connection, thus providing an Internet-based remote access service for the client company and in some cases, for their own customers. Using its own server-side and field unit software, Loncel can ensure that the system is optimised for maximum performance, and has absolute control of the embedded code.

Following the introduction of the Loncel Gateway - also known as Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU), it became apparent that in many applications with multi-site input requirements it was cost prohibitive to use numerous cellular units or extensive cabling to access this data.

The Loncel remote low power radio was developed as a means of linking sensors within a range of 1-2 km to a cellular base station or Gateway, which then only requires a single cellular link to the Loncel servers.



  • Innovative, leading-edge products, using the latest technology,
  • Flexible design allowing standardisation in hardware for many different applications, products, types and sizes of vessels,
  • Wired, radio or combination sensor solutions using the same base station,
  • Cost-effective solutions which save time,
  • Simple installation, operation and management,
  • Extremely low maintenance requirements,
  • On-site and over-the-air (OTA) setup, calibration & set point adjustment capability.

Many large industrial companies, both local and international, and more recently several large agricultural and horticultural operations, use Loncel products to monitor stocks or control systems over a wide range of applications. Clients include companies operating in the areas of: food manufacturing (flour, grain), motor fuels, cryogenic liquids, hospital oxygen supplies, CO2 production, industrial gas and LPG supplies, drainage control, horticulture, viticulture and dairy farming.

In particular, Loncel’s telemetry system has been adopted by New Zealand Frost Fans for the monitoring of their customer’s wind machine installations. The telemetry is closely integrated with the engine controller which enables the reporting of engine parameters as well as temperature data. Via the Loncel website, the customer can see the spread of temperatures across their property during a frost event and monitor the wind machines’ operation.

A recent addition to Loncel’s product line is the remote control of irrigation systems with either Fixed-Grid or Flexi-Grid configuration. With a Loncel wireless valve controller (WVC) driving each sprinkler valve, and using our simple yet dynamic web interface, our clients can control hundreds of sprinklers from their phone, tablet or PC.


Irrigation initially helped us lift our production by about a third. The decision to move from relocatable irrigation lines to a grid system powered by a Loncel controller has shown us how efficient regular watering can be, without having to move irrigation lines a couple of times each day.

Corrigan Sowman,
Uruwhenua Farms, Golden Bay.

Loncel has provided our family kiwifruit orchard and dairy farm with practical and cost effective solutions, to temperature, moisture monitoring, irrigation and frost control.


Forming the heart of most of our other products, the Loncel Gateway is a purpose-built industrial quality "universal" input/output device

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Forming the heart of most of our other products, the Loncel Gateway is a purpose-built industrial quality "universal" input/output device

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