A central pivot irrigator has long been the most efficient way to irrigate large areas, with a simple control interface. But what about the corners of the fields, and those awkward areas that a pivot can’t cover? Fixed-grid or solid-set irrigation is one solution, but controlling the individual sprinklers is a problem. Enter Loncel’s remotely-controlled fixed-grid irrigation system.

The standard system consists of a cellular base station (powered by solar or mains power pack) capable of communicating with up to 1,000 remote Loncel battery-powered valve control transceivers.

Each transceiver is directly connected to a latching pilot-operated valve mounted on the irrigation gun control valve. This system provides precision control of water/fertiliser/effluent application from post-mounted sprinkler guns.

In addition, using compatible Loncel radios, inputs such as soil moisture, temperature, weather (rain, wind etc.), pump status, and flow rates can be added to the system.

Each installation is controlled by the client via their specific web site, accessible via any web browser. Sprinkler operation is automatically calculated based on the required water application depth. The operation is highly optimised to minimise water consumption and maximise impact.

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