Loncel IoT Solutions
Remote telemetry for agricultural and industrial applications




Remote Radio Unit

A Remote Radio unit is required where the sensor is not hard-wired to a cellular base station. Our firmware is configured for a range of different sensor types.

The Loncel team will ensure that the radios supplied are the best for the sensors/application. e.g.

[AG000100] Pulse Counting Radio can be fitted to any compatible hardware

[AG000103] General input/output applications. E.g pump on/off control


Add-on Sensors

Acclima Digital


200mm coil sensor recording localised soil moisture and temperature. Power supplied by radio.

Aquaflex 3m


3m tape sensor recording spatial average soil moisture and temperature. Power supplied by radio.

More soil moisture products


WVC-GS Temperature Probe


Above-ground temperature sensor with 1km range (requires AG000113).



Davis Tipping Bucket


Rain gauge (requires pulse-counting radio AG000100).


Lufft Weather Station WS500 UMB


Integrated design with ventilated radiation protection for measuring: Air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind direction and wind speed. One external temperature or rain sensor is connectable.

Full specs available on Lufft.com



Lufft Rain Bucket WTB100


Tipping bucket rain gauge with bounce-free reed contact. Requires remote radio AG000094


Flow meter

Fitted to pump