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Soil Moisture

Agricultural soil moisture monitoring


Whether you’re growing pasture or crops, understanding soil moisture levels is critical for irrigation decision-making.

Loncel Soil Moisture Monitoring Systems deliver real-time and historical soil moisture data wirelessly, to any mobile phone, tablet  or desktop.

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How it works


Each radio can be up to 2km away from the base station (or 10km with a repeater).

A network of soil moisture sensors send data  via connected Loncel radio transmitters. The network can extend up to 10km from the base station. 

Each radio can be up to 2km away from the base station (or 10km with a repeater).



The cellular base-station (powered by solar or mains power pack) communicates with our servers via radio relay, cellular and cloud (IoT) network technology.

These remote radios are also able to be integrated into existing Loncel monitoring systems using compatible equipment.



You can log in to our web-app to monitor moisture levels in real time - from any desktop, tablet or mobile device with an internet connection.

Data is transmitted back to the Loncel-hosted customer web application.


The standard system consists of:

  • The cellular base station (powered by solar or mains power pack)

  • Soil moisture sensors (as required)

  • One Loncel battery-powered remote radio per sensor. (There is also the capability to pair two soil moisture sensors with one radio to provide high/low readings)

For more information, please download our brochure - Loncel Soil Moisture Monitoring (pdf)


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